precipitated calcium carbonate manufacturing process

Precipitated calcium carbonate is natural calcite, marble, dolomite or chalk powder as raw materials, machinery and equipment products after grinding and grading after reaching a certain degree of fineness.

Precipitated calcium carbonate production equipment

There are dry and wet two kinds of production method of precipitated calcium carbonate, from a practical point of view, below 3000 mesh products, generally by the dry process production is appropriate; 3000~6000 mesh products, usually in wet process production is appropriate.

From the recent market precipitated calcium carbonate product requirements, the main need it reaches a certain fineness, through the screening rate, whiteness, purity, calcium, and some also require compliance with certain requirements of the particle size distribution, some applications of powder particle morphology also make strict requirements.

The practice proved that, precipitated calcium carbonate products, particle morphology, particle size and its distribution and raw materials, processing equipment, process technology and condition about control. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of precipitated calcium carbonate to meet the needs of the market, we must pay attention to precipitated calcium carbonate the choice of raw materials, on the other hand, combined with the market investigation in choosing the appropriate precipitated calcium carbonate processing equipment and technology.

At present, our country Raymond mill, ball mill, high pressure grinding and other domestic grinding equipment, to a certain extent to meet the domestic demand of heavy calcium carbonate products processing. Domestic flour milling machine manufacturers – Shanghai SBM launched the Precipitated calcium carbonate production equipment — the European version of the flour mill, vertical mill, ultrafine mill patent equipment, can be processed 80~200 mesh, 200~400 mesh, 400~800 mesh, 800~1500 mesh, 1500~3000 mesh precipitated calcium carbonate powder, to meet the needs of different customers.
This kind of preparation technology are dry production, realizes the self grinding and choice, through the conversion of high efficiency separator, can be directly manufacturing precipitated calcium carbonate, without after external screening or sorting. Due to the adoption of winnowing principle, can quickly will be consistent with the precipitated calcium carbonate powder finished blowing selected, completely avoid the phenomenon of over grinding, greatly improve the yield and production efficiency; simultaneously, because of using pulse dust collector is advanced, the system meets the requirements of national environmental protection.

Precipitated calcium carbonate production line manufacturing process

The first stage: the preparation phase precipitated calcium carbonate: Precipitated calcium carbonate after dressing, water washing to remove impurities, airing into raw material piling shed. Then crushing stage material, a section or two section of crushing, large stone first thick broken, then fine, fine stone from the bucket type lifting machine or shovel into the raw material storage standby.

The second stage grinding and classification: Precipitated calcium carbonate: This is a closed-circuit grinding grading system. From the raw material base of fine stone, implantation of the precipitated calcium carbonate mill for grinding, the grinding material into fine classifier, the fineness of product can be adjusted between 200 – 2000 mesh. Fine products directly to the high concentration of high voltage pulse bag type dust collector to collect; coarse powder classifier, coarse powder screw conveyor head back to the mill, and mixing the raw materials, and then the ball mill grinding. So far, the completion of a production cycle.