processing of marble mines

Marble is mainly composed of calcite, limestone, serpentine and dolomite, whose main ingredient is calcium carbonate-based, accounting for more than 50%. Because marble is generally contain impurities, but the role of calcium dioxide, carbides, by water vapor in the atmosphere, but also easy to weathering and dissolution, leaving the surface quickly lose luster.

marble quarry companies in China

In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s economy, more and more are massive marble mining, industrial processing, and even exports. Marble purposes are increasingly being used, not only used luxury of public buildings, also entered the home decoration, and also a large number of manufactured of fine appliances. With the participation of Shanghai SBM machinery crusher, applied to aspects of the industry. Meanwhile, mining waste, processing of gravel, also commonly used in powder production.

processing of marble mines

Marble crusher and milling machine is specialized for the brittle, slightly harder ore processing equipment. Marble crusher has large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, high yield advantages for mineral processing, cement, construction, refractories, ceramics, glass and other industrial sectors for the broken and crushing materials.

Marble mill is to draw Sweden advanced milling technology industry for the development of the domestic milling industry trend and market demand, professional users of superfine powder processing and developed a new type of grinding equipment. Building materials such as sand and gravel will be applied to the marble powder, it can also be applied to the cleaners to deal with other stone surfaces. So this is how the marble powder come from? The use of marble mill waste is processed use of waste, saving a lot of resources.