Project Report On Limestone Crushing Unit

By Shanghai SBM annual production capacity of 600,000 tons of limestone crushing unit project report. The projects range from the limestone crushing and conveying, secondary raw materials into finished products manufactured clinker plant to commodities (including coal preparation and transportation), and with the support of cogeneration projects, production facilities, office and living facilities.

Limestone crusher products

Limestone belongs to the easy crushing materials, one of which is the low hardness (4~5 grade), the second is the silicon content is very low. Therefore, the production cost of stone material factory using limestone as the raw material of much lower. So, add back breaking scheme directly using the jaw for limestone crushing production line we can, can get the stone grain type good, wear parts of the crusher can also have a very long service life. Usually, a vice jaw plate used one or two years time is a normal situation.

Another factor we need to consider, because of the relative ease of limestone crushing performance, impact crusher crushing will produce more powder. This is due to the impact crusher impact crusher features are determined. If customers do not ask the market for grain type of stone, you can use a two-stage approach to reduce the proportion of broken jaw powder, but also some relatively lower investment costs. Specific process of scheduling that can be analyzed to determine the actual situation after the customer.

Limestone crusher production line configuration

Due to the characteristics of easily broken limestone, limestone as raw material in cement plant commonly used for standalone jaw crusher crushing. Use jaw crusher limestone head directly to the break, the particle size after crushing can reach 10 to 20 mm or less. Such a way as to be broken down to the smallest particle size of limestone and crushed as much as possible, regardless of the grain type problems. At the same time, this approach will generate a lot of broken powder, mainly for building stone to stone factory, this way less fragmentation issues.
If the customer can accept the existence of powder, using a crushing machine will be able to complete all of the crushing operations is a very good choice.
Specific process configuration according to the actual situation of the site specific analysis, please visit exchanges.