river sand making crusher machine

River stones are mainly river red stones or supplies, for instance river gravels, boulders, cobbles, and river sands. These river mixed aggregates are mined, then transported for that stone quarry for crushing.

difference between artificial sand and river sand

First, we must be clear what is artificial sand, river sand it and what is the difference? Gravel sand is produced by its subsidiary sand making machine feed processing equipment, artificial Sands and river sand compared to the size of more rules, the most important is artificial Sands can be resized according to the different requirements of the production process, to better meet the needs of different users.
River sand is non-renewable resources, through water erosion, sand relatively smooth, mellow. Due to the low cost, wide distribution, river sand mining rampant, and now, river sand resources on the verge of exhaustion, as long uncontrolled mining, river environment has been damaged, no planning a direct result of the riverbed sand mining subsidence, a serious threat to shipping , flood control and dam safety. In contrast, artificial Sands advantages over river sand, gradually attracted more and more investors.

River Sand Making Crusher Machine

After many years of research dedicated to Artificial Sand equipment, Shanghai SBM through the practice research found mine equipment requirements for crushing material particles are fine. In general, the flaky material into the mill, but more likely to be grinding. While the gravel requirements and the opposite, on the particle type, size requirements are very strict. The reason is that the cubical sand due to its edges and corners, so that the particles had a mutual locking function. Continuously graded sand and can make the space greatly reduced. At the same time, cubic shape than circular sand sand have larger surface area, so that the material or cement and asphalt and material stick together reduce the possibility of displacement.

Shanghai SBM as a well-known domestic mining machinery system sand machine R & D and production business, currently consists of a variety of sand making equipment of the company R & D and manufacturing, by the favor of sand industry, the company can be used for sand present equipment PCL sand making machine, VSI sand making machine, VSI5X sand making machine, and can be matched with JC jaw crusher, impact crusher PFW, HPC hydraulic cone crusher and other equipment used together. Especially the VSI5X centrifugal impact crusher (new system sand machine) equipment is new river sand making crusher machine.