roller crusher for Power Plant

Recently, the national electricity supply is not on the spearhead fade, leading a number of power plants requires the State to improve the electricity supply bureau. Shanghai SBM production of roll crusher to help power plants, making straw combustion, reduce losses, thrift costs.

purposes of roller crusher

The role of the crusher is the root of the whole straw cut, making it consistent with the requirements of straw boiler burning debris, is a most important biomass power plant auxiliary equipment required. When the device is fed with a chain plate conveyor, crane, grab the car, belt conveyors and other equipment will be quickly sent to the entire root straw straw crusher, belt conveyors and scrap to the furnace when the discharge before silo.

The straw crusher can be used for coarse crushing man-made sheet materials. After the change, it can be used for waste crushing or feed mills. The waste crushing power is likely to be the same as the biomass power generation investment.

type of crushing machine

At present, biomass power plants need to contribute to woody hard crusher straw 15 ~ 17T / h or grass-like soft straw 18 ~ 20T / h crusher. In addition, some power plants may need to contribute 32 ~ 35T / h crushing equipment, you can also give two 75 tons 130 tons boiler or a boiler feed.

Our company introduced roll crusher mechanical spring-loaded. Roll crusher used in coal, metallurgy, mining, chemicals, building materials and other industries with large coal or coal preparation plant containing waste rock crushing.

Roll Crusher has a small, large crushing ratio, low noise, simple structure, easy maintenance, high productivity, broken material particle size uniformity, over crushed low, overload sensitive, safe, reliable, efficient and low consumption and other characteristics.