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The world’s richest mineral resources in the country is South Africa. South Africa is one of the world’s five basic mineral country. With the rapid economic development, sand industrial development faster. Sand drying equipment is mainly made use of to dry components with specified humidity and particle sizes.Sand drying equipment also known as quartz sand dryer or silica sand dryer, is broadly utilised to dry all types of mineral powder, pulverized coal, quartz sand, clay, yellow sand, foundry sand as well as a selection of metal ore focus, tailings and materials which can be slightly polluted by smoke and dust in making products, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement marketplace, and so on. Sand drying equipment has the advantages of high output, reduced energy consumption, easy servicing and so on.

Application of sand dryer

The sand dryer is intended for your manufacturing of dry sand of a drum dryer, as a result of a number of properties of sand, the sand dryer to optimize the layout for a broad range of lower moisture content accessible.Sand finished and drying with superb final results. It may be broadly employed from the following industries.

  • 1. It could be utilised to dry coal slime, raw coal, flotation clean coal and mixed clean coal in coal business.
  • 2. It could dry blast furnace slag, clay, bentonite, limestone, sand, quartz sand and various materials in construction business.
  • 3. It could dry all sorts of metal ore concentrate, waste residue, tailing together with other supplies in ore beneficiation field.
  • 4. Furthermore, it can dry non-heat-sensitive components in chemical field.

Working principle of sand dryer

Wet materials in the belt conveyor or bucket elevator to your hopper, and after that by feeder feeding via the feeding device into the terminal. Sand dryer cylinder into a slightly tilted towards the horizontal rotating cylinder. Including material in the increased finish, low-end entry by the heat carrier, as well as the material into a counter-current get in touch with, but also heat carrier plus the materials collectively and flow to the cylinder. Together with the rotating cylinder, the material runs by gravity to a additional bottom finish. Wet materials within the cylinder physique to move forward the course of action, directly or indirectly heating the heat carrier, the moist material to dry, and after that the discharge end from the belt conveyor or screw conveyor sent. Tumble dryer wall with the cylinder physique with lifting plate, its function is always to copy the materials up and planted, in order that the surface with the material increases the contact using the air flow to enhance drying charge and to encourage materials progress. Heat-carrier is generally divided into scorching air, flue gasoline. Soon after heat-carrier all over cylinder dryer back then, commonly need cyclone trap the gas within the material brought down. For even further reduction of dust content material in exhaust gasoline needs to be handled through the bag filter in advance of discharge.

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