sand filter machines in tamilnadu

With the development of Tamilnadu based construction peak arrival, aggregate demand for industrial space will be more vast. But the market sand in high demand, then there is artificial sand. Artificial sand is also called the mechanism of sand, rocks and gravel is put through the treatment of sand making equipment to be fit for the sand for building.

However, the production of artificial sand is not easy, need to go through the jaw crusher thick broken, and then through the sand making machine into a broken, crushed sand after sand filter machines, the obtained is in accord with the building use sand.

In the aggregate processing process, because of the fierce collision, the sand itself contains a certain amount of soil, so will make the artificial sand which contains a certain amount of stone powder and clay powder. Graded mud powder presence will seriously affect the sand. While the powder is not able to bridge the gap caused by the artificial sand in concrete, water, etc. the characteristics of poor liquidity.

In order to solve the problem of artificial sand powder containing quantity, Shanghai SBM production sand filter machines. It is modeled on the sand river system principle. Through the sand filter machines to get rid of the sand washing inside the clay powder, so that the artificial sand to sand standard building. Therefore, sand filter machines is the key equipment in the artificial sand production line.