sand washer from spain

Sand washer divided into spiral sand washing machine and bucket wheel type sand washer two, the sand spiral washer can not only wash sand material, but also can clean gravel, gravel, slag material surface impurities, dust and dirt, has wider application.

Spiral sand washer introduction

Spiral sand washer belongs to the sand washing equipment, used for washing sand separation of dirt and debris, the novel sealing structure, driving device capable of adjustable overflow weir plate, reliable, ensure the cleaning effect of dehydration. It is widely used in sand production line, construction sites, roads, gravel plant, water and electricity industries washing, grading, impurity removal, and the fine-grained and coarse-grained material washing operation, for building and road with sand stone is particularly suitable for.

Spiral sand washer features

The spiral sand washer is reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, large capacity, power consumption is small, clean and high, less sand loss. Novel seal structure, totally enclosed oil bath gear, adjustable overflow weir plate, to ensure that the products and efficient, durable, clean, good dehydrating effect, fine products remain stable. The machine can process the material within 0-30mm can put material on the soil, ash, sub-wash into clean material.