Sand Washing Machine

Sand washing machine type is various. Along with the market requirements gradually increase, the market gradually broken down, the machinery put forward higher requirements, therefore, sand washing machine has been subdivided, in order to meet the different needs of the market, the spiral sand washing machine, sand washing machine roller, hydraulic vibration sand washing machine, sand washing machine, bucket wheel sand washing machine etc.. Each kind of sand washing machine has the advantages and disadvantages and the applicable range is not the same, we come to understand different sand washing machine are suitable for cleaning what material.

1,drum sand washing machine

Working principle: let the stone in the roller, with the drum rotation, collision, friction, rolling, and spray with high-pressure water gun. So as to achieve the purpose of cleaning stones.

Advantages: large output, clean cleaning materials. Disadvantages: water demand is relatively large. It is not particularly suitable for the water shortage areas in the north.

Scope of application: Construction of highways, railways, bridges, tunnels and other high standards of engineering, used to clean sand and stones of the special equipment.

2, spiral sand washing machine

Working principle: the use of spiral to promote the stone and stone and water and soil separation.

Advantages: cleaning stones clean: disadvantages: output slightly lower. The new double spiral sand washing machine makes up for this defect.

Scope of application: construction site, sand plant, prefabricated plant and hydropower site, a large number of gravel desliming, screening operations, can also be used for ore screening operations.

3, wheel bucket sand washing machine

Working principle: the drive motor, speed reducer, driving the impeller to tank kept in the tank for circumferential rotation, thus the sand or slag particles in the water tank in the water mixing, flip, washing and dehydrating water and materials in the impeller discharge.

Advantages: reasonable structure, easy maintenance, handling capacity, power consumption, high degree of washing.

Scope of application: washing, grading and impurity removing in metallurgy, building materials, water power and other industries. It is suitable for washing and washing of fine grained and coarse grained materials. It is suitable for building sand and road construction sand and gravel.

XSD sand washing machine

XSD sand washing machine is a kind of common mineral processing equipment. Nowadays, in the construction industry, the development speed of sand washing machine has been accelerated. Sand washing machine can provide various types of construction sand and gravel for the construction industry, and the quality of these sand and gravel is also relatively high quality. For the construction industry, the appearance of sand washing machine solves the shortage of natural sand and gravel, so sand washing machine is also more and more industrial reuse. The development of sand washing machine not only promotes the development of industry, but also plays a certain role in the overall economic benefits.

The machine is a kind of industrial machinery and equipment processing sand sand washing sand in the eyes of many people, in the development process of continuous sand sand washing machine except in real estate construction industry in the construction and renovation of roads and railways also play an important role, so the sand sand washing machine is one of the functions can play a role in providing high quality sand in road construction.

For a region concerned road is the lifeblood of the regional economy, sand making equipment can be for the construction of the railway construction and the public to provide quality raw materials, so as to guarantee the road construction shortage of natural sand in the process of use, when not enough sand, sand sand washing machine can play its powerful the role, through the processing of friends or crusher with large sand gravel will become the industry required sand material.

Sand sand washing machine in mining ore also plays an important role, we all know that our country is relatively rich in mineral resources, ore mining has the same high attention, functional scope of sand sand washing machine and relates to ore mining, so as to wash the sand sand machine is outstanding in building construction industry and highway construction and mining industries. As a high-quality sand washing machine manufacturers, SBM machinery in constant development, continuous efforts for users in various regions to create a lot of high-quality mineral processing equipment.