Silica powder milling processing equipment

Silica, high hardness, high whiteness (up to 99.9%), in the milling processing of Raymond Mill selection of silica powder quality is very important to select suitable mill, not only can improve the performance of silica powder, and the device is not easy to failure, longer life.

Considering the hardness of silica first, choose suitable range to mill hard at level 9, Raymond Mill on the hardness of the general requirements in the following 6, so it is not suitable for grinding processing of silica powder, a new high pressure Raymond mill grinding, grinding materials are the European version up to 9, and the yield, the efficiency is good, so the quality of powder grinding of high, fine and uniform. European format mill is now the advanced equipment in the milling industry, environmental protection and energy saving in this area has the international leading level, less dust, no noise, smooth operation.

Secondly, the first after the first jaw crusher processing mill before grinding, can also be equipped with other rough milling, grinding equipment, suitable for grinding until now, so can not only ensure the grinding efficiency, but also can protect the powder quality of the finished product, because silica hardness, feeding too much is the damage to the European version of mill.

In addition, the whiteness of silica is very high, this is the application of reason is very wide, so the brightness requirement is particularly high, because the Raymond mill material, and more or less there will be a small amount of iron powder, silica powder, the whiteness of the iron content of high material, no iron powder will not be tolerated. At the General Mills suggest that we can have a magnetic separator separator, to remove the iron powder, so the quality can be guaranteed silica powder.

Finally, the best grinding silica powder according to the different uses to set some Raymond mill can be completed; others require new milling equipment – Europe layout processing mill; some fineness requirements are particularly high, need to be equipped with micro grinding or superfine grinding machine to realize grinding machine; choose the crushing, and equipped with conveying and feeding device to complete the whole grinding processing production line.