silica sand beneficiation plant

Silica sand, also known as silica or quartz sand. Silica sand is the quartz as the main mineral composition, particle size in the refractory particles of 0.020 mm to 0.020 mm. According to the mining and processing method is divided into artificial silica sand and scrubbing water sand, sand, etc.

Purification of quartz sand is a small amount of or trace impurities in removing the quartz sand, to obtain the refined quartz sand or high purity quartz sand difficult separation technology. Quartz sand purification process at home and abroad are mainly washing, grading off the mud, scrub, magnetic separation, flotation, leaching, leaching and other microorganisms.

  • Washing, grading Desliming: SiO2 grade quartz sand of quartz sand with varying degrees of fine reduced, mineral impurities grade opposite. This phenomenon of quartz sand contains a lot of clay minerals is particularly evident, so named for the former ore quartz sand is washed with water, mud removal is necessary.
  • Scrub: Scrub the peel force by means of mechanical grinding and sand to remove the film between the iron and clay minerals quartz sand surface impurities and further monomer SAA minor mineral aggregates, and then grading operations to achieve the effect of quartz sand further purification. Currently there are bars and mechanical friction wash scrub two ways.
  • Flotation: Mica and quartz sorting difficult, under acidic conditions using an anionic collector, under alkaline conditions or – two cationic collector flotation methods, good results can be obtained. In general, after scrubbing off the mud after magnetic separation and flotation, the purity quartz sand up to 99%, basically meet the needs of industrial sand