stone crusher machine germany suppliers

Our country needs in terms of stone or stone in terms of production and processing machinery, are in the world advanced level, which crusher stone crushing in the field almost in a monopoly.

Our mining machinery enterprises and the development of the overall competition still can not be compared with developed countries, the global high-end crusher market is still in the West dominate. With the increase of export trade friction is bound to by foreign competitors and suppliers constraints. So crushing machinery in the future revitalization and development focus should be placed on research and development of core technologies, improve the level of self-development, rational design process and ensure quality. At present, China crusher is mainly exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Oceania and other underdeveloped regions.

China is already one of the crusher producing country ranks. Since our products have some advantages, crusher into the international market has become an inevitable trend. Shanghai SBM is a production of heavy mining machinery, scientific research, production and sales of large-scale joint-stock enterprise. We are a professional manufacturer of crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher and other mechanical equipment manufacturer, has introduced advanced technology and processes the United States, Germany, Japan, Australia and other countries, the establishment of the international advanced production lines and first-class modern testing base, and set up a laboratory sand machine, milling machine laboratory, processing equipment Laboratory. Companies with scientific management methods, improving manufacturing processes and innovative manufacturing concepts grow rapidly as China mining machinery production and export base.

The next few years, we believe our products are exported to Southeast Asia and opportunity in Africa and the Middle East is relatively large: First, economic development in Southeast Asia and Africa, faster and transport infrastructure investment increases, intensified exploitation of mineral resources, particularly in Africa , crusher demand increases; secondly, Southeast Asia and Africa and other developing countries lag behind, need to be imported; our products have a price advantage, to a greater range of choice into the Asian and African countries.