stone paper making equipment

Stone paper, not fantasy, but our country is gradually rise of a new industry. Compared with the traditional papermaking technology, this kind of “Stone paper” production process does not need water, can not generate waste gas, waste water and other harmful waste.

stone paper making equipment

The main making equipment is the use of milling machine of professional equipment of limestone, calcite, marble ground into powder, and then through a special process, the powder and the polyethylene adhesive mixture. This paper is biodegradable, recyclable, waterproof and damp proof, good writing, good printing performance, clarity higher characteristic, can replace about 60% of the wood pulp, straw pulp, and has great economic value and social significance.

stone paper making process

Stone paper is in the crust is the most abundant mineral resources of calcium carbonate as the main raw material, supplemented by polymer materials and many kinds of inorganic compounds below 20%, after the special craft processing to become a new type of reversible cyclic utilization, with modern technical features of the paper making technology. Stone paper making process energy consumption for the traditional paper making process for 2/3, but also in the production process without the need for strong acid and alkali, without bleaching, does not discharge sewage waste gas, waste recycling or degradation of natural Recyclable.

The birth of the new technology, solve the problem of the white pollution caused the extensive use of plastic packaging, as well as the traditional paper making pollution to ecological environment and human health caused serious harm, is the best choice for energy saving and environmental protection.

In addition to the stone mineral raw materials, all also have developed the use of coal gangue powder, industrial waste (such as slag) and fly ash as raw material for paper making. Whether using the above what raw materials as stone paper making raw material, the initial processing of the basic process cannot do without crushing machine, milling machine and other equipment worn. The mining down from the hills of calcite, barite, limestone and other stone, after jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher crushing equipment breaking into 2-3mm, and then through the Raymond mill, ladder mill, vertical mill, ultrafine mill grinding to fine powder equipment, further processing powder of more than 350 meshes, and finally through the special craft processing, make cement superfine powder and 15% polyethylene and 5% fully mixed, finished product is the stone paper.

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