used bauxite crushing equipment

In recent years, Mining industry will be the development of the bauxite mining industry mill combined with enterprise development, efforted to develop the market needed equipment. For greater convenience mining needs, our company has developed a variety of bauxite crusher, bauxite, milling machines and other products, and its use of advanced technology, fully functional.

used bauxite crushing equipment

Bauxite known as bauxite mine, its main ingredient is alumina, hydrated alumina-based impurities, a earthy minerals. White or gray, because iron and brownish yellow or reddish. Density 3.9 ~ 4g/cm3, hardness 1-3, opaque, brittle. Extremely difficult to melt. Insoluble in water, soluble in sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide solution bauxite main purposes: the aluminum industry. For the defense, aerospace, automotive, electrical, chemical, daily necessities and so on. Casting. Bauxite clinker processed into a fine powder made ??after casting molds. Used in military, aerospace, communications, instrumentation, mechanical and medical device sectors. For refractory products. Bauxite refractoriness up 1780 ℃, chemical stability, good physical properties.

bauxite because of its relatively low hardness, while more complex processes require crushing of ore particle size requirements are more stringent, in a variety of crusher impact crusher is the most suitable for bauxite crushing crushing machine. impact crusher achieved good economic and social benefits in the treatment of bauxite. Usually feed size impact crusher in not more than five hundred millimeters, less than 350 MPa compressive strength of various coarse, medium and fine materials in the construction, mining and transport industry has a wide range of applications.

Usually in the second stage of tertiary crushing on crushing process, it not only can be used in the crushing of bauxite are often used for limestone and other stone crushing. Compared to other types of crusher, impact crusher stone because it can retain the full three-dimensional particle size in the actual production of the higher number of special production requirements by enterprises welcome.

The main principle of impact crusher is driven by the power electrode above the rotor plate hammer crushing of materials. Impact crusher when overload and non-ferrous materials is convenient for the replacement board hammer, back plate is installed near the hydraulic cylinder to convenient to deal with it.

impact crusher crushing cavity in a lot of technological improvements, the use of wear-resistant materials for crushing chamber materials were replaced fundamentally to use more widely. It is the use of the material for impact crushing, materials are used to their new machine just, durable and higher rotor inertia. Secondly, the details of the crusher has been improved greatly improve the impact crusher normal working hours, reducing maintenance time and downtime productivity, while open-top device comes with easy maintenance and repair work is completed.

MTW Series Trapezium Mill

Traditional aluminum production equipment imported large mill grind of raw materials, high cost, the use of domestic mill equipment, inefficient and difficult to weigh around long plagued Alcoa’s development. And we launched new mill on a timely solution to this problem.

MTW Series Trapezium Mill on the materials can achieve a wider range of fineness grade disposable grinding production, finished from 80-1000 mesh adjustable, high-strength pressure spring, integrated transmission structure, lubrication and without resistance arc shaped air intake system to achieve a stable and efficient mill production, greatly improving production efficiency.

Bauxite production line advantages

  • Bauxite crusher to reduce the cost by 30%;
  • high degree of vulnerability of the use of bauxite production line;
  • bauxite processing equipment excellent crushing effect;
  • stable performance bauxite crusher;