vsi stone crusher india

On the basis of construction sand and gravel in India is extremely common materials, but also is construction projects, high-speed railway construction, highway construction indispensable core material. The quality of the building works are concerned with the quality of sand and gravel aggregate, sand and gravel aggregate of particle size distribution, grain shape, surface characteristics, flakiness particle content, porosity, etc., there are stringent to require the use of plastic surgery gravel aggregate.

How to improve the quality of building materials gravel aggregate, choose high-quality sand making equipment is the key. Shanghai SBM VSI new type of sand making equipment manufactured building materials sand production line is dedicated shaping machine.

The role of aggregate in the concrete is very important, it plays a role in skeleton, passing stress, even without grout, aggregate can support the load, while inhibiting the contraction and prevent cracking. VSI sand making machine is also called VSI impact crusher equipment belonging to the most advanced mechanisms sand equipment. Gravel is the most advanced plastic machine equipment.

The sand making equipment is higher with gravel aggregate production of building materials and stone shaping core equipment. The device can be used for artificial sand making sand river gravel, limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, ore tailings, stone chips and stone shaping. Unique “stone at stone” + “stone blacksmith” principle, can achieve crushing, crushing, flexible conversion sand and stone shaping and many other functions. Compared with traditional equipment under the same power, large capacity, high yield, production increased by 30% and stable. Produced excellent product shape – the product was a cube, grain shape is good, with the management, adjustable fineness modulus; than natural sand, ordinary sand hammer sand machine production more in line with construction requirements, provide better project quality. The sand making equipment hydraulic openings device more convenient replacement of wearing parts. Lubrication, auto maintenance, greatly improving equipment life, reduce maintenance rate.

Currently, Shanghai SBM VSI crusher has become sand production line of building materials, construction sand production line, sand production line highway preferred Sand armed. Our company is a professional production of sand and gravel crusher, gravel crusher, stone shaping machine equipment manufacturers, our equipment include: jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, VSI crusher, PCL gravel shaping machines and other equipment.