wet grinding ball mill

wet grinding ball mill is the use of a stirring device to make an impact grinding media movement, cutting, grinding, thereby equipment crushed material. General ball mill grinding media driven by the movement of the cylinder movement. wet grinding ball mill input power directly for rotating stirring mechanism, so that the movement of the crushed material grinding media, so the energy efficient than General ball mill.

ball mill types

ball mill types:

  • the placement of according to the cylinder. It is divided into vertical grinding ball mill and horizontal grinding ball mill.
  • according to the way to work. Divided into intermittent grinding ball mill and continuous circulating grinding ball mill.
  • according to the structure of the form. Divided into disk grinding ball mill, rod grinding ball mill, spiral grinding ball mill and ring grinding ball mill.
  • according to the working environment. Divided into dry grinding ball mill and wet grinding ball mill.
  • according to the medium and the cylinder liner material different and there are a number of structural type, such as the steel, polyurethane material, permeability ammoniac fat material, carburizing alloy, silicon carbide, etc.
  • according to sealed form. Divided into open grinding ball mill and closed grinding ball mill.

wet grinding ball mill

Wet grinding ball mill is the material to be broken, and then to smash the key equipment. It consists for the main part of feeding part, discharging part, turning part, transmission and other components. Wet grinding ball mill range of applications: gold and silver ore, molybdenum ore, uranium, copper, lead and zinc re-grind; calcium carbonate, kaolin, mica, talc, barite, iron oxide red, graphite, coal, ferrite , zircon sand, manganese, and manganese dioxide ultrafine grinding or finely ground ;.

ball mill for coal crushing

Ball mill play an important role in coal production line. At present, most of the existence of the coal production line is old equipment, such as old-fashioned coal crushing equipment, which yields low, and energy consumption. Our company produces ball mill for the current coal production line of essential energy efficient crusher. The machine uses advanced technology to improve production, reduce energy consumption, is the ideal replacement crusher coal preparation plant.