aggregate crusher

Aggregate is highway, railway, water conservancy projects in a pile of concrete and stone structures of the main building materials, including sand, pebbles, gravel, stone, stone materials and other materials. The face of the arrival of China’s high-speed railway construction peak, gravel aggregate demand is particularly strong. High-speed railway construction on the gravel aggregate and concrete aggregate requirements are relatively high. Therefore, the choice of aggregate production equipment crusher is also particularly important.

aggregate crusher

Shanghai SBM With solid mature gravel equipment manufacturing technology, development, and manufacturing of crusher and sand making machine is widely used in high-speed railway construction.

Aggregate production line equipment mainly common jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher. Now the characteristics of the various series crusher is introduced as follows:

  • Jaw Crusher: Jaw Crusher is designed and developed by our company, which has a large crushing ratio, high yield, uniform particle size, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, and low operating costs for crushing anti-compression strength no more than 320Mpa materials.
  • Cone crusher: We use advanced technology to produce high-performance hydraulic cone crusher. In the design, we will speed, stroke and type of crushing chamber optimized combination to achieve the intergranular laminating crushing. Our company cone crusehr significantly improve the yield, the product shape is also greatly improved, many crushing chamber, but also to adapt to a wide range of product size requirement.
  • Impact crusher: Our company impact crusher rotor uses heavy-duty design so that improves the fixture plate hammer, making the hammer fixed higher reliability; increase the user-friendly design, making maintenance more convenient; increased intake spout design, material can be broken greater; while crushing medium hard materials such as limestone, can replace the jaw crusher; increase the grinding chamber through the design of large crushing ratio can be achieved, so that nesting smaller, Part shape better. Give customers more choices, and expand the range of applications.

Process of Aggregate crusher Plant

Aggregate production line is through crushing, screening and transmission equipment operating in accordance with certain timing to deal with sand and gravel aggregate, whose main task is to provide different specifications of stone, powder, etc. for the production of concrete. The main products are usually sand stone,5-20mm,20-40mm and 40-80mm in stone boulder.

Aggregate production line is mainly in the processing gravel stone, the main equipment is jaw crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher. Crusher discharge size generally in line with the requirements of building materials and road construction materials. Different depending on the desired product, produced by different combinations of equipment into different processes.