Antimony Mining Equipment

Smelting Antimony metal mineral raw materials are mainly stibnite, square antimony ore, antimony and antimony China and other 10 kinds of minerals. Nature has more than 120 kinds of minerals containing antimony, which has a rich industrial value stibnite, square antimony ore, antimony ocher and other Chinese antimony ore resources.

Types And Uses Of Antimony Ore

Types of antimony mine: in the course of geological exploration should be classified as a natural type of ore and industrial type. Antimony ore natural type can be divided into oxidized ores, mixing the ore, native ore three kinds, the standard by the antimony oxide ratio (%) allocation: oxidized ores of> 50%, mixed ore 30% to 50%, primary ore <30% . According to the characteristics of the material composition of antimony deposits, some with single deposits of antimony-based, more multi-component were associated deposits, some of antimony and gold, mercury, tungsten, etc. were associated.

Antimony Ore Beneficiation Process Equipment

Antimony ore beneficiation technology equipment first with a forehand and backhand general election antimony ore output section or gangue, tailings use or discard some heavy media; single antimony ore generally recovered by flotation; elimination of mixed ore is first mixed output concentrate, and then after sulfide ore flotation, re-election of oxide ore, antimony concentrate output respectively; gold ore for tungsten, antimony, first with the shaker sorting, output of gold ore, concentrate and tailings mixed, and then the mixed flotation concentrate, get gold-antimony mixed concentrate its tailings floating scheelite; mercury antimony ore is mixed directly mercury and antimony flotation concentrate production.