artificial sand making machine india

In recent years, Shanghai SBM through the survey found that the construction of India economic development faster than other foreign countries. In the mining machinery industry market, India urgent requirements to accelerate the pace of infrastructure construction, which for mining machinery industry crusher and sand making greater demands put forward.

It is understood that note, from 2004 to the present, the Indian National demand for mining equipment is showing substantial growth year after year was the situation. According to the first turn predict in the next few years, mining machinery and equipment will make the situation even more rapid growth, in turn, said that this is China’s mining machinery industry to develop the best period of artificial sand making machine india market.

According to the data reported in India in recent years, sales of mining equipment in the country to spend between 15 billion to $ 2 billion, with an average annual growth rate of 20% to 30%. But now India for aggregate and ready-mixed concrete usage is less than 1% in the next five years of construction materials facility rate of 30% annually will grow up, so that concrete and gravel materials market demand in India has great potential takings.

However, in the concrete mining equipment market has 80% concentrated in the west of China and the southeast, to low-end products (about 70%), but increased demand for high-end products. Shanghai SBM company’s sand making machine and crusher by virtue of its high-end technical equipment and India’s huge demand for this, making my company’s foreign trade business is booming up slowly.

Artificial sand production is by artificial sand making machine crushing chunks of stone, through different levels of screening, selecting the most appropriate size portions, which on some level is concerned, it will have a more prominent performance on performance than natural sand. sand making machine using artificial sand will be a trend, on the one hand to solve the current problems with the sand difficult, on the other hand can be used for mining tailings generated in the manufacture of more value. It produces sand quality is very good, better than natural sand meet the criteria of concrete construction projects. All these factors indicate that sand making machine will bring unprecedented development prospects artificial sand.

Shanghai SBM VSI series sand making machine is the introduction of Germany advanced technology, combined with the actual conditions and designed a new type of sand making machine, which is currently with sand making machine equipment with high level. Superior technical performance, high reliability and economical running costs, making VSI sand making machine including China in the construction and mining markets worldwide and achieved good results.