Artificial Sand Making Process Project

Artificial sand making process project analysis, in terms of the integrated use of the production line, the process and the crushing equipment is the key to the entire production line running. In today’s lack of natural sand highly ,artificial sand play an indispensable role.

artificial sand making process plant system capabilities: to build a production line of aggregate processing system by pouring concrete strength to meet, and the average monthly shotcrete strength design. Aggregate system finally finished material (ie, artificial sand) production capacity of about three hundred and fifty tons per hour, which produce artificial sand production capacity of one hundred and fifty tons. Strengthen the artificial sand making process plant is an important means of sand quality control.

Artificial sand making process project component: the production line system consists of crushing part, screening part, broken parts, crushing part and sand workshop, the second screening rooms, processing systems and other components.

After the pre-production line for the work environment clean, you can be transported to the feed inlet stone hydraulic car, the belt conveyor is transferred all aspects. First, by feeding into the crushing plant (crushing of a cone crusher and a PE-type jaw crusher). After crushing semi-finished products shipped by conveyor belt to the broken machine shop, and fine crushing plant for crushing again (middle crushing, fine crushing the general impact crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher), crushed through the rubble after entering the screening after the emergence of the stone and the stone we both source material, the material is less than forty mm diameter material via conveyor belt to sand raw materials warehouse, impact crusher for artificial sand used, the last step is the result of fine sand recovery for recycling.

Shanghai SBM construction of large, medium and small artificial sand making process project, including: limestone sand production line, quartz sand production line, granite production lines, has high degree of automation, low operating cost, energy efficient products good grain level with the management advantages.