ball mill machine design and specifications

The ball mill machine would be the materials to get broken, after which to smash the key products.It is actually extensively employed in cement, silicate items, new making resources, refractory products, fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metal processing and glass ceramics manufacturing sector, on a number of ores and other grind-able resources dry or moist grinding. Suitable for ball mill machine grinding a variety of ores along with other resources, are widely made use of in mineral processing, creating components and chemical industries, and might be divided into dry and moist the two grinding of strategies. According to the various strategies of discharge might be divided into lattice type and overflow type two.

Ball Mill Machine Specifications

Ball mill machine specifications and materials from your feed device into the compound empty shaft spiral evenly in to the mill first warehouse, the warehouse you will find ladder liner or corrugated liner, created with various specs steel ball, rotating cylinder produces centrifugal forceafter dropping the ball a specific height, thump and grind the material. The materials from the first warehouse, coarse grinding by monolayer partition panel into the 2nd place, the warehouse lined with flat lining with steel balls, the material additional grinding. Powder discharged by the discharge grate plate to finish the grinding operation.

Ball Mill Machine Structure

Ball mill machine to feeding part, discharging aspect, turning part, transmission aspect (reducer, modest transmission gear, motor, electric management), the primary part. Hollow axis adopts the cast steel, lined with removable, rotary gear hobbing by casting procedure, your body inlaid cylinder liner wear, has superior abrasion resistance. The machine operating smoothly, operate reliably.

Ball Mill Machine Design Of SBM

Shanghai SBM Field is committed to producing the very best mechanical crushing equipment, capable of making many types of crusher and mill, and reached the major level within the world. We’re a trustworthy ball mill machine manufacturer capable of making all types of ball mill machine, fantastic good quality and reasonable costs. SBM manufacturing of ball mill machine is a set of related products in the home and abroad, the thriving knowledge, devote themselves to come up with an energy-efficient crushing equipment. Medium-sized ball mill machine is probably the foremost products from the firm, particularly during the style and design and manufacturing of massive crusher mill on the absolute leading degree at your home and abroad.