Basalt gravel sand making mechanical

Basalt is repaired highway, railway, airport runway by the use of the best materials of stone, with strong compression resistance, crush value low, strong corrosion resistance, basalt stone asphalt adhesion. Basalt stone have wear-resisting, eat less water, electric performance is poor, strong compression resistance, crush value low, strong corrosion resistance, asphalt such as adhesion, and is internationally recognized, is the development of railway transport and highway transport the best basis.

Basalt is one of the widely used material used in the road construction, the construction engineering in our country, large reserves, wide distribution, is the object of many investors keen, use the gravel sand making mechanical will rock into gravel aggregate, supply infrastructure construction project. With the rapid expansion of infrastructure projects, huge production demand has brought more development opportunities to the gravel sand making mechanical equipment.

Shanghai SBM production of basalt gravel sand making mechanical biggest feature is the ability to produce high quality stone grain type, has the dual properties of crushing and integer; grain type good stone can give buildings increase better mechanical properties, in the market have a higher price. Annular waterfall Basalt gravel sand making machine down feed system and liner transformation, can achieve “a clever turn of stone dozen stone” and “hot stone”; the use of advanced hydraulic cover opening device make the broken replace wearing parts, convenient convenient cavity. Basalt gravel through the sand making machine function, the formation mechanism of sand quality,

Basalt gravel system sand production line dedicated to basalt with crushing sand equipment combination, through the crushing machine finished the technical revamping, flakiness content is reduced to 4.8%, compared with a separate with jaw crusher, counterattack broken as the final crushing process line process, yield increase of 30-35%. Due to the increase in crushing shaping process, increased the ratio of crushing and processing capacity, so that the yield sharply.