bauxite ore crushing and screening

Bauxite is an earthy mineral is white or gray, because of the nature of the bauxite contain more impurities, some bauxite ore associated more with kaolin, bauxite, lead to various countries for more is not the same standard, and our view of Al-Si ratio greater than 2.5 persons, bauxite ore that is available to the Department. Because of different bauxite of different types, and the mining process near the alumina plant requirements are also big differences, resulting in processing method of bauxite are different. Our main component of bauxite, mostly a boehmite.

The bauxite ore from the mining of mechanically processed into a certain size, and separated into various size fractions processing plant plant design products vibrating screen with different perforations. Bauxite ore crushing and screening operations will bauxite ore is gradually reduced in stages in the process, usually as preparation work bauxite ore grinding before; in bauxite ore dressing plant, sometimes coarse re-election as a preliminary work, but also for high grade bauxite ore and smelting flux production of qualified products. However, bauxite ore crushing and screening product size to meet the mill for ore minerals or reselection coarse monomer dissociation requirements.

In addition, the bauxite ore process is based on the maximum size and the final product size ratio (total crushing ratio) to determine the number of segments in the bauxite ore crushing and screening. At the same time, you can according to the physical properties of ore (hardness, density, viscosity), moisture content, clay content, the crushing process of particle characteristics and preselection testing results, to determine whether the crushing and screening process includes washing and preconcentration.

Bauxite ore crushing and screening plant design mainly includes: bauxite ore process, bauxite ore equipment selection and bauxite ore plant configuration. We offer a variety of crushing and screening equipment for you to choose, such as: cone crusher and vibrating screen and so on.

New type of cone crusher, combines the features of a traditional double roll crusher and screening machine is suitable for crushing bauxite. This crusher is a newly developed, advanced, with overload protection and hydraulic lash adjustment in the clutch flywheel arranged with a moment of inertia of bauxite crusher. The crusher has a compact design, the roll diameter decreases, the configuration of the specially designed toothed rolls for processing bulk materials and processing capacity.