Calcium Carbonate making powder machine

Calcium carbonate is a kind of inorganic compounds, is a limestone (referred to as the main component of calcite and limestone). Calcium carbonate is divided into calcium carbonate and light calcium carbonate into two categories.

Heavy calcium carbonate and light calcium carbonate due to the nature of the particle size, crystal form, the interface is different features . It is vastly different reactions, for which it extends the activity of calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate for paper making, plastics calcium carbonate nano calcium carbonate edible, medicinal calcium carbonate, a chemical with a calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate coating promises a lot more different varieties, calcium carbonate varieties for different purposes.

Application of calcium carbonate

Calcium carbonate has been produced through making powder machine heavy calcium powder, heavy calcium applications more widely. Here is the role of heavy calcium in different fields.

  • 1. With heavy calcium powder rubber industry: calcium carbonate is one of the largest filler in rubber industry. Calcium carbonate filled rubber, can be higher than that of pure rubber vulcanizate tensile strength, tear strength and abrasion resistance.
  • 2. With heavy calcium powder plastics industry: calcium carbonate can play a role in skeleton in plastic products, have a great effect on the stability of plastic product size, but also improve the hardness of products, and improve the surface gloss and surface smoothness of products. Because calcium carbonate white degree above 90, can also be used to replace expensive white pigment.
  • 3. With heavy calcium powder paint industry: calcium carbonate content in the paint industry is also great, such as in the thick paint in the amount of 30%.

Calcium Carbonate Processing Plant

There are two kinds of heavy calcium carbonate production process. The first is the technological process for production of dry: first hand selected shipped from the quarry calcium carbonate to remove the gangue, and then on the limestone coarse crushing crusher, and then calcium carbonate making powder machine and crushing to obtain fine limestone powder, at the end of the grinding classification using the classifier, consistent with the requirements of particle size of powder as the product packaging and storage, otherwise it returns grinding machine grinding again.

Another is making powder machine ore by cone crusher, jaw crusher single-stage crushing, and then through the hoist, calcium carbonate making powder machine, the host, fan, reducer powder collector collector output of finished powder. These two kinds of processing technology has its own advantages, we can choose processing suitable process according to production demand in the selection.