cement clinker grinding apparatus

In China’s cement production, raw material grinding is an important part of the production system. And for every ton of Portland cement should be at least grinding at least three tons of materials, including raw materials, fuel, clinker, mixed materials, gypsum.

Cement clinker grinding is because the hydration reaction required fine powder, with certain size distribution and containing no coarse particle size composition on cement hydration and strength of the unisys. Cement clinker grinding not by single and received, but also add a certain percentage of gypsum and other additives, thus to ensure that the cement clinker grinding to a certain fineness, to cement and sand or gravel mixed cement hydration reaction, high strength, good performance of concrete construction, volume change small, small surface crack.

Cement clinker grinding is the maximum extent to meet the appropriate particle size distribution and cement fineness requirements. Cement powder is a collection of a large number of solid particles, the particles exist between a certain role. Ordinary Portland cement particles between about 0.1μm-100μm, 30μm fine cement usually refer to the following percentage of the particles occupy much more significant than ordinary cement, the average particle size of about 3μm-5μm.

In the past, the production of cement clinker grinding uses ball mill grinding work, mainly caused by highyield, easily achieve the required fineness of grinding fine powder, ultra-fine powder. However, the cement industry is a typical energy and resource-dependent industries. Ball mill in clinker grinding apparatus is a huge consumption of energy production. As China’s energy, resource shortage situation is more serious, ball mill for grinding and processing become a huge burden on the cement production enterprise.

Vertical roller mill applied in cement clinker grinding apparatus, is the industry to solve big problems ball mill producing energy to seek solutions. Vertical roller mill in terms of relative yield and fineness ball mill also able to meet the production needs of the cement industry, and its energy consumption is only about 50% -60% ball mill.

Shanghai SBM introduced the latest LM vertical roller mill machine, and compared to similar products with more features and more energy efficient is excellent, become the best choice for cement clinker grinding apparatus industry.