chili powder grinding machine

Chili powder production line includes chili to impurity, to process seed, drying, grinding, granulating, quantitative packing etc.. Shanghai SBM provide professional chili powder grinding machine. The equipment is the most advanced equipment and processing pepper, has been successfully used to eat chili powder production line.

Chili powder production line process is as follows:
1, go to miscellaneous: using pepper Stoner remove pepper in stone and other impurities, and has the advantages of simple operation, high yield characteristics.
2, to iron: the process equipment used for automatic iron removing machine, this machine has 10500 Gauss strong magnet, adopts a pneumatic mode to remove the chili powder, chili segment of iron powder.
3, go seed: pepper seeded machine is mainly used for the separation of pulp and chili seeds of chilli, per hour processing 1000kg-2000kg, is a special equipment for pepper deep processing.
4, drying: the vibrating fluidized bed dryer or belt dryer fresh chili dry, to facilitate the behind process of.
5, grinding machine: chili powder grinding machine will pepper made of fine powder, high yield, low power consumption, clean health.
6, pellet: using high-quality pelleting system, continuous operation, automatic discharge.
7, quantitative packaging: pepper or pepper particles by qualified bagging sealing, weighing.

Our company produces chili powder grinding machine 110kw1 hour can produce 60 purpose of chili powder 1000 kg, the energy consumption of roller mill is 37%, the yield is 2.7 times of roller mill.

When Chili powder grinding machine production operation, the motor drive shaft and the turbine rotates at high speed. Grinding block turbo with mesh circle composed of crushing, grinding vice, its compact structure. When the peppers from the hopper into the machine cavity into the machine so that pepper the cavity closely friction and strong impact to the inner edge of the turbine blade in the rotating air flow, and ground again in the gap between the blade and the grinding block. In this crushing, grinding chilli, while a lot of air sucked into the turbine, the cooling gas is played machine, grinding chilli and chilli pieces the transmission effect. Chilli grinding fineness depends on the mesh size, and by the amount of chilli pieces and air.