coal crushing and screening plant

China in the coal resources in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia is rich, especially for large coal more ready. With the gradual strengthening of the local government of coal resources adjustment and realize Shanxi, Inner Mongolia coal industry resource centralization, large enterprises, security standardization, industrial diversification.

Large-scale development of coal resources tend to become the industry trends, mining machinery and equipment also requires large-scale mine development to meet market demand. Coal industry can not develop without crushing and screening plant as a driving force. Coal mining enterprises in the development process of mergers and acquisitions, the crusher and screening industry should firmly grasp the opportunity to adhere to independent innovation the main line, and constantly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, create high-quality crushing and screening equipment, created a high-end crusher and screening brand new opportunity for the development of the crusher industry has laid a solid foundation.

Shanghai SBM crushing and screening areas of the company as the “leader”, the first response to the development of the coal industry, through innovative research and development of a variety of large-scale mobile crushing and screening equipment – tire type mobile crushing station and the hydraulically driven crawler mobile crushing station, such as mobile jaw crusher crusher, mobile impact crusher crusher, mobile hydraulic cone crusher crushing and mobile screening stations, able to satisfy the needs of the coal industry to develop open-air job.

SBM mobile crushing plant to support the use of in-vehicle installation, equipped with mobile crushing station dedicated steering traction axis, and the integration of the feeder, belt conveyor, vibrating screen. Coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing, high-performance crusher. Equipped with vehicle-mounted generators, motors and control box, through the joint of different models, consisting of a powerful crushing line, more needs to complete processing operations. Its design have advanced, high-performance, high efficiency, easy maintenance, operating cost, stable and reliable, with respect to the terms of fixed crusher station. Mobile crushing and screening plant can be moved like a small and medium crushing plant, working efficiency and operating costs were better than the same level or a higher level of fixed production line equipment.

Mobile crushing and screening plant specifically for the unique operating environment Opencast launched, timely follow-up to promote the coal face, reduce transportation costs, which greatly improves the efficiency of surface mine production. The maximum to meet different customer needs.