Coal Mining machine Price

With the continuous development of the coal mining technology, mechanization and centralization of production in mining, tunneling, transportation, screening and other production sectors are rapidly improving.

Coal mining equipment is one of the important equipment of coal production mechanization and modernization. China will for the first time the world’s largest mobile crushing equipment in surface coal mining, open-pit mining to make more green and efficient. Coal Group Co., Ltd. on the 16th to 160 million yuan to Shanghai SBM Group bought a scale of 9000 tons / hour of green mining technology mobile crusher station, will be used in the third seat large open pit Coal mining .

Both sides of the contract signing ceremony held in Beijing was informed that day on, this mobile crusher station is currently the world’s largest equipment ore crushing capacity, for the first time in our country to use, will be used under the Shanxi Coal Pingshuo Coal Company Donglutian mined ore. The mine design annual output 20 million tons, is expected to put into operation this year.

It is reported that use of the device will make coal more green and efficient. Open pit mining past commonly used “single-bucket excavators – Trucks” intermittent mining technology, the main transportation equipment is mining trucks. Now open pit will be a “single-bucket excavators – mobile crusher station – Conveyor – Dump machine” semi-continuous mining technology, instead of using the mobile crusher station truck, get rid of dependence on fuel and tires, reduce truck exhaust emissions and dust generated during transport, but also significantly reduce labor costs and improve efficiency.

This mining technology mobile crusher station is another technical innovation of open pit mining process, to our open-air mining industry towards environmental protection is important.