coal pulverizer manufacturer in india

Booming energy demand, the inevitable economic growth and steady increase in domestic coal demand. However, India’s coal production was late with the growth. At present, India imports are expected to reach 130 million tons of coal, of which more than 90 million tons for the power sector, followed by the steel industry, the use of about 30 million tons, coal consumption in other industries balanced.

Coal is an integral part of other industries, electricity and other fuels, increase the production of fine coal to provide adequate power for electricity.Therefore, the coal crusher and other equipment selection has become the primary low cost coal field, the key to efficient development.

Through the survey, the coal mining in India often choose Shanghai SBM crusher production operations. The main reason is the Shanghai SBM coal crusher in the development of a better use of time fine crushing concept, various factors coal, raw coal , coal moisture content, impurities in coal and other considerations which can produce a raw material for a variety of coal crusher, jaw crusher, such as coal, coal cone crusher, coal mill, etc., saving the customer unnecessary investment in equipment costs.

Our company as the largest crusher manufacturers, has a unique advantage in production innovation and technology development in the crusher. Therefore, the production out of the coal crusher has large productivity, environmental protection and strong, able to adapt to large-scale production of coal operations and energy saving ideas.