coal pulverizer suppliers

Coal manufactured is the primary link crushing, and crushing efficiency directly determines the quality and quantity of coal finished, so the correct choice of coal crusher is high yield core. Under this regulatory policies affecting the coal market, our country coal crushing equipment which includes jaw crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher etc, requirements gradual increases.

Coal pulverizer application

Shanghai SBM After years of research and development, launched a different type of coal crushing equipment, such as coal crusher, cone crusher, coal crusher. Not only can reduce the high consumption of resources, to achieve low emissions, less dust. Saving and environmental protection work can be crushing coal waste recycling processing into cement raw materials, construction aggregate, greatly improving the degree of utilization of coal resources, the real impetus to the development of green coal resources.

Coal pulverizer application: mainly used for a variety of ores and medium-grained bulk materials crushing, is widely used in mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry.

Performance characteristics of coal pulverizer

  • Crushing chamber depth and no dead zone, improved feeding capacity and output;
  • Its crushing ratio, uniform particle size;
  • Gasketed discharge opening adjustment device, reliable and convenient, large adjustment range, increase the flexibility of the equipment;
  • Lubrication system is safe and reliable, easy to replace parts, small maintenance workload;
  • Simple structure, reliable operation, low operating cost;
  • Nesting population adjustment range, can meet different user requirements;