Complete Crushing Plant

Mobile crusher station integration entire unit, mobile and flexible, convenient operation, particularly adapted to metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, utilities and other materials often need to move processing operations, especially for highways, railways, hydroelectric projects and other mobility stone jobs, and construction waste recycling and so on.

Mobile crushing station for the integration into the group practices, be able to carry out the first line of site materials broken, eliminating the material transported from the scene and then broken, the middle part of the processing, greatly reduces the cost of shipping materials. Mobile crushing plant configuration flexibility, according to the actual site design modifications or special construction waste crushing plant, ideal for construction waste crushing. In addition the use of mobile crushing station is fully equipped with eco-friendly features, the production process to reduce noise, dust and other factors that reduce pollution and many have been reasonable solution. Crushing plant processing capacity, the maximum to meet the needs of the construction waste.According to the type of processing of raw materials, finished products of different sizes and materials requirements using a variety of configurations.

With the accelerating process of urbanization, urban construction waste generation and discharge the number is growing rapidly. Most construction waste is solid waste, mainly by brick, stone, concrete, metal, bamboo wood, plastic and other components. Therefore, accelerating the utilization of construction waste, construction waste to solve the environmental problems, and can ease the construction and building materials industry for a lot of gravel and other natural resources consumption and destruction. Mobile crushing station building in the city has not only been well applied in the reconstruction also play a major role as a construction waste recycling urban construction in the best device of choice.

SBM mobile crushing station including: Jaw series mobile crushing and screening equipment, impact-type series mobile crushing and screening equipment, cone-type series mobile crushing and screening equipment, complete model, advanced design, excellent performance, especially mobility and adaptability outstanding. Not only without a fixed crusher various preparation, funding and land, convenient venue transfer, no positioning preparation cycle, ready to enter the work state; but also by a series combination of different models of the formation of the firing line, is like a can small complete crushing plant.