construction sand machine

Construction industry in many devices are essential, but also is used in most of the sand making machine. sand making machine is construction sand of special equipment for the construction industry is essential machinery and equipment.

Shanghai SBM VSI sand making machine produced for the pebble sand making machine, quartz sand equipment, sand making machine production and processing of granite. The advantage is the variety of rocks, gravel made ​​from a variety of construction sand grain size, particle size uniformity, high compressive strength and purity, free of impurities.

Currently, sand making machine equipment used in the development of reasonable Cement, glass away, refractories, metallurgy and other industries in. According to infrastructure construction, technical development machinery industry, recycling industry to promote the development of the situation of sand, our sand making machine equipment also has been upgraded.

Shanghai SBM production of construction sand making machine can be flexibly adjusted for aggregate size of the finished product, according to customer requests for production of process configuration work site, truly meet customer requirements. Construction sand making machine has high degree of automation, low running costs. Because it can be multi-line features, so these machines also greatly reduce the cost of customer investments. The sand making machine has high sand ratio, energy saving, large output, produced sand can fully comply with national construction sand standard.