Construction Waste Crusher Plant

Since the amount of waste construction regional surge, processing of construction waste crushing and screening equipment also began to integration, automation, intelligent direction. Mobile construction waste disposal equipment is mobile construction waste crushing plant and other equipment for recycled products. It handling equipment “to” the demolition site, construction sites, make it a “mobile processing plant” to achieve construction waste reduction, recycling, harmless purposes.

Shanghai SBM introduced a new mobile construction waste disposal equipment that is mobile crushing station introduction of Germany advanced technology, combined with the domestic market demand, for the construction of garbage waste, concrete equipment and other solid waste has good treatment effect, average hourly hundreds of tons of building garbage effectively processing.

The mobile crushing station appearance has changed the traditional crushing equipment defects cannot move after installation, save the high transport costs also greatly enhance the work efficiency. Therefore, we strengthen mobile crusher station technological innovation will enable the building garbage disposal problems be smoothly done or easily solved.

Mobile construction waste crushing plant process

Based on the classification of construction garbage classification crushing, sieving, produce can replace natural sand aggregate. Part of aggregate as deep processing enterprises of raw materials, production enterprises with self cement, for the production of ready mixed mortar, cement admixture, wall panels and components and other products, the remaining part of goods sold as aggregate, ready mixed mortar station, station road foundation Backfill Concrete mixing. As for greening soil wind elected powder and clay building materials manufacturers supply block and garden department.

The early treatment of construction waste, which is an important factor affecting the construction waste brick, need to use the mobile crushing station of construction waste sorting, crushing, screening. This can be broken mobile building refuse treatment station by primary screening equipment, crusher, magnetic separator and the necessary transport equipment consisting of broken. Construction waste mobile crushing station in the demolition site or area near the construction site, or is in use after the waste processing to remove waste be arranged for processing.

The mobile crushing station is a hot equipment preferred construction, mining, sand, water and electricity field, the future development of economy, environmental protection cannot do without mobile crusher station. Therefore, actively strengthen equipment technical innovation, will enable mobile crusher station equipment play a greater value.