copper mining machinery

China is very rich in mineral resources, a large country. Copper ore is a very important metal materials plays an important role in national economic construction.

Copper mining in the open pit or underground mine through all the copper sulfide and oxide, mining or blasting, and crushing started, crushing, copper ore into less than 25 cm in diameter and the particle size of the process, though small, coarse crusher, then through the secondary crushing, crushing machine broken into walnut-sized stones, I produced crusher play an increasingly important role in the beneficiation of mineral resources.

The first step in the mining of copper, from crushing explosions open pit copper mine reloading. In a large copper processing equipment, crushing equipment and grinding plant is necessary. Under the action of the crusher, the ore down into small pieces of less than 25 cm in diameter, crushed ore, and then load it on the conveyor belt receiving the concentration. In the plant, the second phase after grinding until it is a good powder.

In the selection of the crusher, operating efficiency Shanghai SBM cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher achieved better results. If the installation of the same number of secondary and tertiary crushers, the operation is transmitted from the third portion of the secondary crusher, wherein the wear liner is three times or less, wherein a significant impact on the cost of the grinding process is reduced.

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