copper ore crushing unit

Copper ore refers to natural minerals containing Copper can take advantage of the floorboard of the collection.Copper ore is generally a collection of copper sulfides or oxides and other mineral composition. Use of copper has a very ancient history. Our country is the first to use copper country. The total copper reserves in the world is 600 million tons, a third store in Chile.

Copper ore hardness is roughly Mohs hardness below 4, the low hardness minerals. General mining crusher can be crushed. The copper in copper concentrate to be elected under the crusher, and then smelting, elemental copper is extracted. Common crushing plant includes jaw crusher, cone crusher and so on. At present, many large mines favor cone crusher, including crushing operations will give priority to branch cone crusher – large gyratory crusher. Our company is designed for copper cone crusher company, its up to 1800 tons per hour processing capacity. For some small copper mines, they are more inclined jaw crusher as primary crushing equipment. With a standard cone crusher and short head type cone crusher as the crushing equipment, so that saves input costs, but also ensures a higher productivity. In short mine crushing cone crusher is indispensable equipment, copper ore processing is the new era in the most efficient equipment.

For the preparation of copper powder can be used similarly depleted iron ore tailing techniques when handling. Trapezium Mill is a good coarse grinding, it is suitable for processing coarse mesh between 0-200, high grinding efficiency, yield up to 60-80 tons / hour. Copper powder after purification treatment furnace can be put to the preparation of copper or a copper alloy.

Shanghai SBM Company products include: jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, stone crusher, sand making machine and other crusher equipment. The company has many years of production and sales history, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, combined with the actual situation at home and abroad.