copper ore extraction process machine

Copper has a very wide range of uses and a larger demand in modern industry and daily life, such as: power industry, marine industry, aviation, communications, petrochemicals, appliances, high-energy physics, metallurgy and other fields has a very important status and irreplaceable.

For low-grade copper ore beneficiation need to go through to make the grade copper concentrate become enriched, then copper concentrate smelting ice. To properly use a variety of processing methods, to study the material composition and structure constructed of copper ore; identify the natural type of copper ore and industrial type; but also understand the content of refractory ores and minerals, such as approximate distribution. With the promotion of industrialization, with refined copper ore or copper concentrate production method is also increasing.

Extraction method is mainly used to extract metals. Because the extraction agent is expensive, so the application of copper ore extraction process is limited. Since the 1970s, due to the rapid development of organic chemistry and petrochemical industry, for the manufacture and use of new low-cost, effective extraction agent to provide the conditions so that the use of the industrial production of copper ore extraction possible. How to extract copper process from metal ore? What needs copper ore extraction process machine?

There are two different types of copper sulfide ore and oxide ore. Sulfide ores from the flotation cell flotation, and general use of oxide ore beneficiation methods leaching. First, from the open-pit copper mine is blasting, loading and transport to the main crushing. Then, ore crushing, screening, in order to be good for the recovery of copper sulphide ore flotation froth (<0.5 mm). Crude ore heap leaching to go, there's copper in dilute sulfuric acid solution to dissolve copper suffered. Then, the leach solution containing dissolved copper is affected by this process is known as solvent extraction. Copper leaching solution purification and copper in a high current efficiency, the electrolytic recovery cell. It is added to the reaction vessel through a combination of chemical agents and selective extraction of copper, copper is easily separated (peeled), used as a reagent and then recycled. The concentrated copper solution is dissolved in sulfuric acid to extract copper sent to the electrolytic cell (cathode). Copper cathode is made of wires, appliances, etc., which are used in everyday life. Shanghai SBM is a large professional manufacturer of complete sets of processing equipment, specializing in the design and manufacture crusher, ball mill, magnetic separator, flotation machine, re-election for other kinds of metal and non-metal ore processing equipment, especially iron ore common , gold, copper, lead and zinc has a very comprehensive process design. Copper ore is no stranger to a mine, along with economic development, and its copper ore extraction process machine is improving, technology continues to improve, but also for different types of copper has targeted sorting get a lot of useful results.