copper ore processing plant manufacturers

Copper refers to can use copper containing natural mineral aggregates. Copper ore is generally a collection of copper sulfides or oxides and other minerals, and the reaction of the blue-green copper sulfate and sulfuric acid. China mined mainly chalcopyrite (copper and sulfur and iron compounds), followed by chalcocite and bornite.

Copper is generally low in the deeper, larger particle size. So copper ore processing plant design must be reasonable, so as to ensure the concentrate grade. At present, the domestic copper ore processing plant equipment commonly used include: hammer crusher, jaw crusher, roll crusher, cone crusher, and in recent years has developed impact crusher.

Shanghai SBM committed to the development of production of various copper ore processing plant machinery, for the past many years of heavy machinery are learning to follow up, and constantly improve and refine copper ore processing plant, gradually increase the step, and now has reached a certain level of technology. In the critical period of the country’s industrial development, the development of copper ore processing plant equipment should be maintained at its front end, for the development of the metal industry.

copper ore processing plant flow chart

1. beneficiation of copper ore mined first by jaw crusher preliminary broken. After crushing to a reasonable degree of fineness through the hoist, feeder evenly into the ball mill, ball mill to the ore by crushing, grinding.

2. over copper ore grinding mill fines into the next process: classification. With spiral classifier proportion of solid particles in a liquid varies the speed of sedimentation principle, the mixture was washed ore grading.

3. After washing and grading of mineral mixture and then into the separator. Since various minerals than the susceptibility of different, via magnetic force and mechanical force mix magnetic substance separated. After the initial separation of mineral particles in a magnetic separator is sent after the flotation machine, depending on the mineral properties of different drugs, making the minerals and other substances to be separated from.

4. After the copper ore processing plant is to be separated out minerals, it contains large amounts of water, shall be subject to a preliminary concentrate thickener, and then the dryer drying, you can get dry minerals.

The Separation of Copper device can also be called copper processing equipment. Shanghai SBM offers a wide selection of copper equipment, copper ore processing equipment, copper washing equipment according to the actual needs of customers.