dolomite project equipment manufacturer

As a carbonate mineral dolomite, its use is very extensive. After crusher and milling machine to produce a variety of product fineness: dolomite rock ore, dolomite, sand, dolomite powder, fine powder, commonly used in the completion, chemicals, refractories, glass, ceramics and other fields, as a base refractories and blast furnace flux; produce calcium magnesium phosphate and producing magnesium; ingredients and production of glass and ceramics.

Blocks dolomite processing equipment: After dolomite mining crusher loading to the scene, according to the material situation by crushing equipment pulverized general Jaw crusher machine, sand making machine, hammer crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher according to need to use related equipment.

Dolomite sand processing equipment: General Select crushing machine, the third generation sand making machine, cone crusher and so on. Related equipment selection can be configured according to customer needs.

Dolomite powder processing equipment: dolomite crushing mill after sand or block into hoist hopper, vibrating feeder evenly and then feed into the mill for grinding into powder inside. Common milling system has vertical milling, ball milling process, equipment including raymond mill, hanging roller mill, air mill, ball mill, and other ancillary equipment.

Dolomite vertical mill grinding equipment is shanghai SBM developed according to the characteristics of dolomite professional and efficient grinding equipment, which can be ground into a fine powder of different grades, and widely used in different industries being. Taking full account of the new environment and processing production needs, we stand on dolomite mill systematic technology upgrade, either dolomite ore production, processing or other class materials processing, have shown more in line with modern energy saving and efficient production of large Claim.