fly ash concrete grinding mill

With industrial development, processing and utilization of fly ash in the field has been greatly expanded. Large vertical milling machine is bound to become the first choice for the future of fly ash processing industry equipment.

Flue gas after combustion of coal collected down fine ash called fly ash. Fly ash is a coal-fired power plants are the major solid waste discharge. China is also the country’s coal production and coal consumption. Thus coal mill, fly ash concrete grinding mill began to dominate the market. After grinding mill with fly ash can be used as cement after finishing materials, greatly enhance the performance of concrete.

In the presence of water at room temperature, fly ash concrete in the secondary reaction can be carried out to produce insoluble calcium silicate hydrate gel, not only reduces the possibility of dissolution, but also filled with concrete inside the pores of the concrete strength and impermeability have improved effect.

fly ash industrial development is inseparable from the field of powder grinding mill boost. After grinding mill processing materials as concrete material additive can improve the strength of concrete, water resistance, impermeability, and therefore in the modern field of building materials is widely used.

According to the current fly ash concrete grinding mill technology development, large-scale ultra-fine milling machine has been able to achieve on-time ultrafine materials processing. fly ash through the fine material after grinding mill processing, uniform particle size, surface activity increased, direct mixing in concrete can save a lot of cement raw materials, to improve the workability of concrete mixture, enhanced plasticity and stability of concrete. Even about the cement manufacturers have been 8% according to the proportion of the different species fly ash cement clinker incorporation into finished cement. fly ash has been widely used in concrete admixtures, hollow brick, ceramics and construction backfill.

However, the development and utilization of fly ash increasingly broad space, the corresponding level grinding mill technology requirements are also increasing. The market of traditional Raymond mill, ball mill has been unable to meet the need of processing capacity and fineness in industrial production. The new vertical mill, high pressure hanging roller mill and high-pressure micro powder mill with its latest technological achievements and facilitate efficient use of performance will become the mainstream fly ash concrete grinding mill.

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