gold dry washer machine sale

In recent years, gold beneficiation technology and mineral processing equipment industry into the mainstream, then gold mine gold mineral beneficiation methods and devices are like? How to choose the right gold mining equipment?

Gold in gold content is very low, generally need to be extracted by the various efficient, energy-saving equipment with gold, gold rush is commonly known. In all kinds of gold rush method, gravity election law (referred to the re-election) is a highly efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection, but also one of the major gold rush method method (re-election is also particularly suitable for placer gold selection).

gold dry washer machine is one of the gold processing equipment. Gold dry washer machine can simplify the production process, eliminating the need for water supply systems, to a certain extent, you can save and invest; but gold dry washer machine production of clay content is not easy to control, requiring a high clay content of raw materials; and gold dry washer machine produce vulnerable to climate impacts, large dust generated during the production, and environmental pollution.

Gold dry washer machine is Shanghai SBM independently developed a new type of gold selecting equipment, its high recovery, enrichment ratio, etc., by the majority of the owners of all ages alluvial gold mining.