Gold Mining Equipment In South Africa

Gold as a commodity, whose price is also subject to supply and demand around relationships. Sources of supply of gold can be divided into three areas, gold mine production (initial supply), folk gold to market (secondary supply) and official reserves of gold supply (three supply).

Gold reserves and production more countries include South Africa, the former Soviet Union, Canada and the United States, known as the four major gold-producing countries. South Africa is the world’s first production of gold has always been a big country, the annual output of about 500 tons, and sometimes more than 1000 tons. It’s gold sales are generally accounted 60–70% of the new world production of gold sales. Which accounted for 30% of the world, most in it is “Golden City,” said the Johannesburg smelting.

Gold mining refers to the process of mining of gold from gold in the stratum. Diverse types of gold deposits, decided the mining methods are not the same. Rock gold deposit is mainly underground mining and quarrying; placer gold mainly want to open pit mining. However, gold mining in China can be divided into open pit mining and two, mainly in underground mining.

Open pit mining generally suitable for placer gold and fine gold mining. Placer gold mining including artificial mining and gold mining ship two. The former is used in the eluvial zone and the existence of a large number of coarse gravel bed area, by the artificial digging gold rich horizon for the purpose of. Artificial mining placer gold exists only in some small profitable ore body, ore grade above 0.02 g /m3 can profit. Gold dredger is some river area is larger, the gold layer of gold grade is stable, artificial digging difficult to profit or for large mining method of large-scale gold mining company gold mining district. Gold dredger cost general millions, so it requires good gold mining operation area.

However, many fine grain gold ore of gold producing area in the use of open forms is because this kind of Mines of gold ore bodies are well exposed on the surface of the earth, and due to oxidation and become the earthy or loose rock loose. The thickness of the orebody is greater, the higher the level of mechanization of mining. In these mining equipment, large-scale crusher, the use of milling machines and other mining machinery is common.

Gold mining equipment mainly includes crusher (jaw crusher, cone crusher and so on), grinding equipment(Raymond mill, ball mill and so on) classifier, mixing barrel, chute, flotation machine etc..