Gold Ore Beneficiation Plant

Gold resources is very rare, very easy dressing. In China, currently found in 38 kinds of gold minerals, gold is more rare. Gold ore beneficiation plant used mainly flotation, magnetic separation, re-election and other hydrometallurgical processes or methods.

how to identify gold ore

According to the structure of the mineral status of gold and gold can be divided into the gold mineral mineral gold deposits, gold-bearing minerals and gold minerals contained in three categories. Independent gold mineral called, refers to gold and gold-bearing minerals in the form of the mineral output of gold, it is the nature of the most important occurrence in the form of gold, is the main object of industrial development and utilization.

The current mainstream gold ore beneficiation plant: generally by crusher, and then into the ball mill, through re-election, flotation, concentrate and tailings extracted, and then by chemical methods, and finally through the smelting, and its products eventually became the finished gold .

Gold Ore Beneficiation Plant

  • 1. The gold ore through the mine web-site is constantly with dimension 0-400mm or 0-600mm after blasting. We utilize the crushing plant to crush the raw gold ore into 0-8 or 0-10mm.
  • 2. Main Grinding and Classifying Part: The gold ore together with the dimension 0-8mm or 0-10mm will likely be fed into the ball mill. At the end the powder might be mixed together in the ball mill as slurry to send on the spiral classifier.
  • 3. The Flotation Processing Sections: The slurry from the agitator will be concentrated from the flotation machines. For that flotation processing sections like how many phases for concentration flotation and just how quite a few stages for scavenging flotation as well as the PH value, the sort of collector, inhibitor, foaming agent and its dosage should really be fixed by the dressing test.