gold ore crushing and screening

In China, Russia and other countries buying collective holdings of gold reserves in the background, the growing global gold consumption and investment demand, which provides sales guarantee for gold mine output products. Whether it is to invest in gold jewelry, or investment products, has huge market potential. The country is rich gold ore reserves, widely distributed gold producer dotted. Shanghai SBM, as one of the best, the domestic gold ore crushing and screening solutions provider, offering a full range of processing gold ore crushing and screening equipment, and provide you with comprehensive technical support.

Gold ore processing technology include: crushing, grinding, beneficiation three processes. In the crushing process, the three sections of closed-circuit crushing is the most modern way for gold ore crushing, which can complete the gold ore crushing and screening and partial dissociation of work, thus improving the efficiency of the subsequent grinding.

Gold were crushing into the first paragraph of double vibrating screening sieved, upper product by crushing and middle back again with the second paragraph of crushing products, the second paragraph of the first paragraph of crushing product returns merge the crushed product for screening again. After screening of the final product by the first paragraph of ball mill grinding and classification mechanism is configured With the closed-circuit grinding.

Gold ore crushing and screening equipment type selection and specifications determined mainly with the physical nature of the ore being processed, the processing capacity, the crushed product size and equipment configuration and other factors. The choice of crushing equipment products must meet the crushing size, design capacity and the requirements applicable to the mining of the largest particle size. Shanghai SBM can provide crushing and screening technology and equipment for different set of gold ore in the world.