granite aggregate grinding machine

Granite is a premium is the widespread use of building stone, this is because the granite texture hard, difficult to be pH or weathering and erosion, the granite is rich in resources, are widely distributed, 9% land of China (approximately about 800000 square kilometers) are granite, granite rocks are widely used in highway, railway, high grade buildings, housing construction and other fields.

Granite stones according to different specifications are stone can be used for making mortar, concrete, 1-2, 2-4, 4-8 are very common stone specifications. Infrastructure construction in China can not stop domestic granite stone market has been extremely unpopular, which has become a major force in the development of China stone machinery industry.

At present the technology production line equipment at home on granite grinding processing technology has been quite mature and granite grinding. My company for many domestic areas granite production customers have production line project configuration. Grinding production process of granite can generally be selected in the crushing process, to meet the different needs of the building.

Granite aggregate grinding machine which is suitable for processing granite, quartz, feldspar, calcite, limestone, marble, ceramic, talc, dolomite, bauxite, iron ore, barite, bentonite and other materials. Granite structure uniform, hard texture, color beautiful, is a good building materials. The compressive degree is also very strong, compressive strength according to the stone varieties and origins vary, is about 1000-3000 kg / cm. Granite not easily weathered, color beauty, appearance color can be maintained for more than a century, due to its high hardness, abrasion resistance, besides being used for advanced architectural decoration engineering, the ground outside the hall, or open first choice for carving wood.

Granite aggregate grinding machine processing granite is very efficient and durable, the fineness of 30-2000 mesh can be adjusted. Granite mill feed size below 3CM, processing the large granite can be used once and then granite crusher mill processing mill. Granite aggregate grinding machine is now the milling industry in the application of the most common milling equipment. Granite aggregate grinding machine has the advantages of small occupation area, low energy consumption, less investment, and is very suitable for large, medium and small enterprises of grinding process.