grinding machine for wollastonite

With the development, chemicals, building materials, metallurgy, mining has also been rapid development of various industries, the rapid development of these industries can not do without the strong support of grinding machine, and that the current demand for grinding machine on the market also rising. Where continuous innovation and development on the development of grinding machine for wollastonite pushed a force.

Wollastonite widely used in the ceramics, chemicals, metallurgy, construction, electronics, machinery, paper, automobiles, refractory materials, agricultural and other industrial applications, but wollastonite according to different application areas, the particle fineness, purity, surface treatment, such as processing requirements are different. Wollastonite mineral processing is inseparable from crusher, grinding machine and other mechanical equipment.

Should be on the market at present the different needs of wollastonite mining equipment industry, continuous innovation and improvement, Shanghai SBM launched the grinding machine for wollastonite, which according to different fineness requirements of different industries on the wollastonite, wollastonite grinding machine have raymond mill for wollastonite, high pressure mill for wollastonite, roller mill for wollastonite, ultrafine mill for wollastonite and so on, the finest of which can reach 35 mesh. The main purposes through the grinding machine of high fineness of grinding processing of wollastonite powder in the coating field are as follows:

Ceramic areas: adding an appropriate amount of wollastonite in ceramic materials, can greatly reduce the sintering temperature and shorten the baking time, to achieve a low-temperature rapid firing. Save a lot of fuel and significantly reduce product costs; at the same time improve the mechanical properties of products, reduce product cracks and warping, increase luster glaze, improve embryo strength, thereby increasing the rate of qualified products.

Paper areas: after special processing technology can maintain its unique needle-like structure, so that added to the silicon powder gray white paper, to improve its whiteness, opacity, flatness, smoothness, adaptability, reduce cross quantitative difference and cardboard wet deformation, improved printability, and can significantly reduce the amount of a variety of other raw materials, to reduce the cost of paper products in general.

Building materials: Wollastonite is a non-toxic, tasteless, non-radioactive, etc. gradually replaced asbestos harmful to human health, a new raw material of the new century green building materials. After special processing technology can maintain its unique needle structure, so that adds impact resistance, flexural strength, abrasion resistance needle wollastonite powder calcium silicate board, fire board and other materials are greatly improved. In the field of construction materials, wollastonite will be more widely used.

Grinding machine for wollastonite after high fineness of milling and processing, the resulting powder can be applied in various fields Believe that in the promotion of innovation and development of milling machine. Wollastonite will more effectively take advantage of multiple industry sectors in life, so there is a better prospect.