industrial copper mining equipment

Copper Mountain Mining is the result of human or mechanical to be of value exploitation of natural mineral resources exploitation through reasonable means. All Copper Mountain mining process are unavoidable for ore processing, including copper crushing, beneficiation, milling and non-metallic ore crushing, grinding. So how effective the various ore processed effectively, rapidly increase their value ore, copper ore mining crushing mountain reasonable choice to configure the production line is a top priority.

After mining copper ore generally require beneficiation may become higher after copper or copper concentrate grade copper ore. Smelting of copper concentrates commission also need to go through in order to become refined copper and copper products. Main types of natural copper ore copper, chalcopyrite, bornite, chalcocite, azurite, copper and blue. Applications: Copper ore is mainly used in metallurgical industry, copper industry raw materials.

Copper mining equipment industry is generally pre-crushing ore to go through four stages: primary stage: chunks of copper ore material from the feeder evenly sent to jaw crusher crushing (early break). Two stages: after crushing copper ore by conveyor belt to the cone crusher for secondary crushing. Three stages: the 0.5-5 mm copper ore into iron mill, through vibration motor vibration and screening; finally through magnetic separator beneficiation. Then you can refine copper concentrate to complete.