iron ore beneficiation plant cost

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We design for the user of the iron ore beneficiation plant cost is a small investment, quick effect. The introduction of the iron ore beneficiation do plant device technology.

Iron ore beneficiation plant beneficiation processes are mainly re-election, strong magnetic separation or flotation and share a variety of processes, its purpose is to increase the recovery rate and improve the purity. Depending on the mineral content of iron ore, iron ore beneficiation process a variety of commonly used iron ore and iron ore roasting process re-election process:

Iron ore roasting process: iron ore -> crushing -> magnetizing roasting -> crushing -> preselection -> primary magnetic separation -> secondary magnetic separation -> reverse flotation purification powder. (This process uses the first magnetized ore roasting, magnetic pulleys chosen to return to non-magnetized ore roaster, the magnetization of the ore into the magnetic separator machine, flour mill into the anti-Sec flotation after regrinding, and finally get the grade more than 65% of the iron powder).

Iron ore re-election process: hematite ore -> coarse crushing -> fine crushed -> Grinding -> Screening -> washing roughing -> shaker selection of iron ore -> powder purification (This process uses ore after the election coarse crushing and fine crushing into the energy saving ball mill grinding and washing roughing through screening, and then by shaking table or spiral chute purification, generally concentrate grade can reach more than 60%. the iron ore beneficiation plant cost is put low, quick, simple, low-tech, is the best choice for small selection field, of course, have to decide whether to adopt the re-election process according to mineral properties).

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