iron ore concentration process plant

At present, the domestic iron ore concentrator processed mainly into two categories magnetite and hematite, magnetite concentrate production which accounts for about three-quarters of China’s iron ore production, and most of the domestic iron ore mines in mineral processing technology innovation aspect is mainly for these two types of ore.

Our country is rich in iron ore resources, in terms of reserves, second only to Russia, Canada, Australia and Brazil and other countries. In iron ore resources, Anshan Iron most widely distributed, is the most important iron ore deposits, accounting for more than half of its reserves in the country’s total reserves of iron ore, and generally larger scale, its magnetite ore types based, is currently the most important domestic iron ore concentration process plant.

In recent years, China’s iron ore concentration process plant improve the level of support to get a new mineral processing equipment, especially in the crushing, grinding and classification, sorting (including re-election, magnetic separation, flotation, etc.), dehydration, filtration and other aspects of development or the introduction of many new and efficient equipment, and has been successfully applied for the beneficiation technology advancement provides equipment protection.

For decades, China’s metal mines has been saving energy, improving economic efficiency and efforts, “more crushing and less grinding” is the basic principle. Iron ore concentration process plant is generally coarse crusher, crusher in three sections crusher and fine crushing of iron ore crushing process. Progress crushing equipment mainly on the development of new applications outside the moving jaw uniform pendulum jaw crusher, jaw crusher dual-chamber, dual-chamber rotary crusher, jaw crusher, impact and other original, practical crushing equipment. China’s Shanghai SBM has been developed and some coarse crushing can replace high-pressure roller press, is currently in Nanshan mining companies and other industrial test mine. In addition, the current column in the domestic part of the mine mill also has some applications, this kind of a large range of energy-saving equipment, the system can increase production by more than 30% -50%, and equipment operation rate, less impact on the environment.