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Our country is a big country of mineral resources, which brought great development space for China’s processing machinery industry, especially processing equipment can be a very good development.

Jigging Machine is a gravity separation equipment and technology is the most common kind of processing methods, its working principle is the use of physical re-mechanics. At present, this jigging machine used the election of manganese, tungsten, gold, tin, iron and other types of ore and placer areas. Jigging method can be used as a separate dressing method, also with other gravity separation method or flotation beneficiation and other beneficiation methods used in conjunction.

Jigging Machine pay special attention to the coarse-grained disseminated minerals in the course of their work: gold, silver, platinum, lead and other metals choose to concentrate to go, so when you select them disseminated minerals lost.

Jigging Machine theoretical foundation work is the use of the difference between mineral particles in the water in the sink vertical speed. In order to better sorting useful minerals used Jigging Machine, generally dry ore advance screening, depending on the particle size is divided into different levels, each level separately and then jigging. Sometimes can be conducted without prior classification jig beneficiation.

In the vertical upward flow, different mineral particles are driven at different speeds of the flow. Jigging Machine use in the rise and fall of the water and on to the artificial sieve bed without sorting grade mineral is entirely possible.

Jigging Machine after a long practice of development, has been very mature, as gravity beneficiation equipment widely used in chemical, construction, mineral processing and other industries, and achieved solid results.

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