Kaolin Raymond Mill

Kaolin name Guanyin soil, white soil, clay, is the Jiangxi Gaoling village unearthed porcelain white clay named. Kaolin through the depth of development and utilization can play kaolin in the middle and lower reaches of the application. SBM kaolin raymond mill is a pulverized high efficiency, stable performance, high quality product mill equipment, can grind 80-400 purpose kaolin, kaolin play in different industries in the application value.

The day before, rubber, plastics, ceramics, cement, artificial leather from refractory materials, chemical industry and agriculture are not widely used. With the further increase of kaolin beneficiation process, the application scope of kaolin will be more and more widely. From the actual situation, the reserve units of coal geological system can be based on kaolin resources and market demand in coal measures strata. Kaolin is a ubiquitous nonmetallic mineral in nature. It used to produce ceramics, refractory materials, and a small amount of plastics and rubber as fillers. With the development of the national economy, people pay more and more attention to the deep processing of kaolin, because it can not only obtain new materials with special properties, but also increase the economic benefits. The quick method for deep processing of kaolin, kaolin will have further heating, washing and drying mill ten ductile step roasting, dehydration, and made it into metakaolin, used as filler, plastic cable, in order to improve the insulation performance of the cable jacket. There are two kinds of organic fillers and inorganic filler filler for rubber footwear mainly used, the former includes reclaimed rubber and recycled materials, which include silica, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, magnesium carbonate, zinc oxide, carbon black and Magnesium Oxide etc.. Kaolin is a new kind of rubber filling agent developed in recent years.

However, all the applications of kaolin must be processed into fine powder to be added to other materials and completely fused. In the processing of fine powder, we cannot do without a device, that is Raymond mill, Raymond mill as the basic equipment, more than a year for kaolin processing, kaolin powder, SBM careful exploration development, improve the common type of Raymond Mill in processing of kaolin powder produced by some disadvantages. At present, a new generation of SBM – Raymond kaolin developed grinding into kaolin processing market after use, a good response, the client of this new type of kaolin Raymond Mill praise, not only reduce the cost, but also improve the yield and fineness, the damage to the molecular structure of kaolin did not.

Kaolin raymond mill in kaolin processing field, is obviously not the superfine powder processing of Raymond mill, kaolin and other materials can not be integrated, there is no way to produce a finished product, so, Raymond Mill in kaolin kaolin processing field is undeniable.